Vio 4k



Powerful multi-format converter offering the latest generation of digital connectivity, adapted to the highest resolution formats. Natively equipped with 7 inputs, it enables the conversion of a multitude of signals. Thanks to perfect symmetry between input and output plugs (anything in, anything out), Vio 4K ensures high-end cross-conversion

Vio 4K was designed and built to provide optimum versatility, it includes two slots for optional I/O cards for video processing that can handle formats up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4, and another slot for optional audio card with XLR plugs.

Vio 4K can be controlled easily directly from the front panel, thanks to a large 3.5’ TFT color screen offering live visualization of sources. A Web Server is also available to control the machine through Ethernet and USB plugs.

A lot of different options available:

        True 4K (HDMI 2.0)              12G-SDI and quad-link 3G-SDI

        Audio (XLR)                          Audio (Dante bidirectional audio Chanels)

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