Modulo-Pi designs products with cutting edge technologies to handle audiovisual, interactive or multimedia projects.

Specially the versatile Modulo Player from the french engineering company, Modulo-Pi is a complete server solution for the most complex and demanding video applications, with an easy to use workflow.


Modulo Player


Modulo player has a large range of advanced features and hardware specifications.

Modulo Player is a video media Server. Easy to learn and reliable, it provides an intuitive and user friendly interface to make use of the most advanced features to modify, manage and playback your projects in real time.

Modulo Player has a wide range of applications and suits perfectly permanent installations and events for shows, museums, outdoor video projections, exhibits, theme Parks… and for live events such as theatre, concert, opera, dance, corporate events, etc.

Modulo Kinetic


Modulo Kinetic is a flagship video solution and helps you merge different video approaches into one coherent environment.

User-friendly Modulo Kinetic Designer is the perfect tool for creative agencies, technicians, and technical providers. Use Modulo Kinetic across your complete workflow: study, simulation, media creation, encoding and playback.

The product line has a wide range of applications and perfectly suits both permanent installations, such as shows, museums, outdoor video projections, exhibits, theme parks, as well as live events, such as corporate events, theatre, opera, concerts, tours, dance shows and musicals.

  • Non-linear, real-time timelines editing with key frames.
  • Low-latency live real-time mixer.
  • Advanced real-time 3D engine.
  • Projection study and simulations in 3D.
  • Interactivity with easy-to-use nodal programming.
  • Advanced 2D warping with our innovative X-Map feature.
  • 3D projector calibration.
  • Easy-to-use show control : devices, tasks, digimap.
  • Design your own user interface.
  • Easy-to-use automatic master/slave backup switch.