A pioneer in the projector industry, Panasonic has led the industry by developing and manufacturing projectors distinguished by innovative ideas since 1975.

With more than 35 years of experience, Panasonic has continuously improved the picture quality, durability, and ease of use their projectors with their own technologies like: including lamps, lamp drive systems, and image-processing engines.

Panasonic is a leader company in the professional AV industry for decades and a world top class owner of international patent applications.

Large Venue Projector


When high-brightness, high-quality projection is required in large venues, Panasonic projectors deliver everything you need. Combining class-leading reliability with robust-yet-compact design, they’re not only easy to install and operate, they drive down your cost of ownership.

Panasonic large-venue projectors are typically found in auditoriums, churches, theatres, trade shows and concerts, as well as other large-venue locations, and have been used to project high-quality images on monuments and large buildings. All of Panasonic large-venue projectors are high lumen projectors, capable of displaying huge images for a wide variety of content.

The range of Panasonic large-venue projectors features models up to 20,000 lumens of brightness with image edge-blending capabilities for massive image projection using multiple projectors. High contrast image capabilities with beautiful colour reproduction and excellent image resolution mean that there is a Panasonic projector suitable for use in every location and industry.

Installation Projector


Whether you need to mount them on ceilings, brackets, tables, trolleys and stands, Panasonic installation projectors can meet your demands. Including short-throw projectors for small spaces and long-throw devices for larger venues, they deliver interactive, multimedia content in perfect clarity.

Panasonic projectors have been designed for a variety of applications, from board rooms to museum exhibitions, art projects and lecture theatres. Our range includes both short throw projectors suitable for small spaces and long throw projectors, which are suitable for medium to large sized rooms and offices.